2017-07-03 12:30 am
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I really enjoyed this dorama. :)

This was exactly what I needed for climbing out from the marsh of self-pity. Since the beginning of my love for Johnny's, chibikkotachi are who always can cheer me up after all. :) Okay, they're teens, but anyway. x'D

Edit: I just put this cutie here~~ *____*
IMG_20150329_0050      IMG_20150329_0180


2017-06-19 09:42 pm
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The first time in eight years I truly enjoy your acting~

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(´・` )♡
~~ just a picture ~~
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2015-10-13 12:04 am
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I would be able to watch this gif eternally~~ :)

Miyuki-chan's gif~ ♥

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~~ ありがとう ~~
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Just watched Miracle: Debikuro-kun no koi to mahou, and I have to note, that was the first Aiba dorama ever I could enjoy full-heartedly. :) Sweet, cute and romantic. And has a happy end, it's important for me. :)
(And now I have to find out why I found Yamashita Tatsuro's voice familiar and why I know his name, because I don't have an idea of it. x"D)
(Ahaha, I'm fast. x'D So Yamashita Tatsuro is the composter of Garasu no Shounen, that's why I know his name. :) Is it a reminder to go back to KinKi Kids? :D)

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I was posting Arashi pictures on tumblr~ It didn't happen since ages. :)


2015-07-30 10:40 pm
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I loooove this hair. On both of you!
I don't know when, how and why happened that JJ got the niban place. (Again?)
Oooor maybe now it's more than second. One and a half? x'D Hmmm, you have a special place. <3

Foreheads~~~~~~~~~~ <3333333

And if we are at the hair already...

I love this hair of Dotsu from 2001 so much~~ *________________*
And his forehead too, of course. :D

Gakkou no Sensei Ep10.avi_20150730_215217.258   Gakkou no Sensei Ep10.avi_20150730_215449.271

Gakkou no Sensei Ep10.avi_20150730_220559.292   Gakkou no Sensei Ep10.avi_20150730_220720.386


2015-07-30 12:04 am
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I wanna dream tonight.
I wanna dream and then decipher the dream after awakening.
When I do that I can realize what I feel, what I can't when I'm awake.
I can't let you go. You let me, so why can't I? I should. Should I? Stupid me~
It's unnecessary to wait onto nothing, but I'm so good (or rather bad) in this.
I was wandering in the past tonight. :) 2010-11 was so good years~ I wanna go back. :)
This post is pointless.

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